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document DisplayCast Troubleshooting Flow Chart For First Time Users
Flow Chart pictured below can be used to troubleshoot DisplayCast sync issues, typically for first time users.
18 Oct, 2018 Views: 208
document DisplayCast ™ FAQ
This article will answer common questions about DisplayCast™. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a question below: Functionality What information is synced between displays using DisplayCast? How fast will maps in an active event sync? If one display disconnects from the internet, will it automaticallly reconnect and sync missing data? How many displays can be logged in at one time? How many displays can automatically sync data at one time? Can I choose what information is...
11 Jun, 2019 Views: 2113
document DisplayCast Setup
This article covers all requirements to create and/or load to an existing DisplayCast event to begin syncing data between displays. Jump to a section below: Creating a DisplayCast event Loading to an existing DisplayCast event Creating a DisplayCast event Required Criteria for users to successfully create and sync DisplayCast event with AgFiniti Cloud. InCommand Display DisplayCast unlock entered AgFiniti Essentials license Internet Source (Cellular hotspot or WiFi) for InCommand to access...
25 Apr, 2018 Views: 605
document BR1 Mini Cell Modem InCommand DisplayCast Quick Reference Guide
2006473 InCommand Cellular Modem
14 Mar, 2018 Views: 1020
document DisplayCast™ Considerations When Using Multiple Planters in the Same Field
DisplayCast™ considerations when using two or more planters in the same field: On InComand v2.5 and newer: When using two ground drive planters with DisplayCast, the AutoSwath map will sync in real-time between displays. When using a hydraulic drive planter and a SureDrive (or hydraulic drive) planter with DisplayCast, the AutoSwath map will sync real-time between displays. When using a ground drive planter and a hydraulic drive (or SureDrive) planter with DisplayCast, the AutoSwath map...
27 Sep, 2018 Views: 630
document Why is my Smart Report data incorrect only while using DisplayCast?
When a smart report is created while using DisplayCast, there is a prompt that asks what configuration the user is creating the report for. After selecting the configuration, the report then creates a full map and splits the logged data into regions based on configurations. Region 1 will be the configuration that was selected by the user. Region 2+ will be the other configurations used on the operation. Note: Be aware of sync timing with summary information. Summary information is updated...
27 Sep, 2018 Views: 372
document DisplayCast Use Cases
This article features a few basic scenarios in which DisplayCast can be used. Please reference the listed scenarios for specific examples when and how DisplayCast can be used. Scenario 1 Display A plants headlands and starts the work area on the north side of the field and Display B starts in the work area on the south side of the field. Scenario 2 Display A and B are both planting in the same field. Similar to scenario 1 each starts on their own side of the field. These screen caps highlight...
14 Aug, 2018 Views: 261
document Getting Started With DisplayCast
Before logging into AgFiniti on each display to use DisplayCast, there is a list of best practice recommendations to make sure initial setup and sync goes smoothly. The following recommendations are the best practices to perform either before or during the initial DisplayCast sync. For more information about DisplayCast setup, requirements, and settings, see the InCommand Display User Guide. Best Practices for Initial DisplayCast Setup/syncing: Upgrade display to latest firmware. Clear any...
18 Mar, 2019 Views: 897
document What do I need in order to use DisplayCast?
Requirements: AgFiniti Account - visit to create an account. Users must login on InCommand display with AgFiniti account username/password AgFiniti Essentials License This is a yearly license Up to 3 displays per license DisplayCast feature unlock Unlock entered via InCommand display On InCommand display, select Setup>Console>Features>DisplayCast Active internet connection 3G or faster data speed suggested for best performance InCommand...
04 Oct, 2018 Views: 923
document DisplayCast Pre-Season Checklist
This article covers DisplayCast best practices prior to beginning the next operation/season. Note: These items below promote good practice for data management via Ag Leader displays and can also improve the DisplayCast experience from season to season, operation to operation. Export .agdata files from all displays used during previous operation. Ensure AgFiniti Essentials Licenses and Data plans are active. Remove non-essential management information from display, prior to connecting to internet...
16 Jun, 2017 Views: 374
document What are Wired IP address and Wireless IP address and what to they do?
This article discusses the difference between the Wired IP Address and Wireless IP Address and how to begin with basic troubleshooting. To access the Wired or Wireless IP address, users will need to access their display CAN list, within Display Diagnostics. Follow the button presses below. Display Diagnostics Wired IP Address: When the Wired IP address is populated as shown below, the display is aware that the Ethernet port is getting feedback from the display, through the display...
14 Jul, 2017 Views: 1014
document DisplayCast™ Considerations When Using Multiple Combines in the Same Field
DisplayCast™ considerations when using two or more combines in the same field: On InComand v2.5 and prior: When using two aftermarket kit (Ag Leader flow sensor, moisture module, and speed module) combines with DisplayCast, the AutoSwath map will sync in real-time between displays. When using two Quantimeter kit (bridge module) combines with DisplayCast, the AutoSwath map will sync real-time between displays. When using an aftermarket kit combine and a Quantimeter kit combine with DisplayCast, the...
25 Sep, 2017 Views: 316
document BR1 Mini Mobile Internet Hotspot FAQ
This article provides information about the BR1 Mini mobile internet hotspot. This will continuously be updated. What is the BR1 Mini? BR1 Mini is a mobile internet hotspot that runs on Verizon or GSM cell networks in North America. It's used to provide internet access to any capable device, such as InCommand displays, from remote locations (where cellular signal is available). Since the BR1 Mini is a standalone cellular modem, it can be activated and left in the cab of your machine at all times for...
13 May, 2019 Views: 1960
document AgFiniti DisplayCast and Data Usage Explained
AgFiniti and Data Usage When using AgFiniti and especially with DisplayCast, there are few things to consider when determining how much data will be used and what type of data plan will be needed. How does data move around and when in AgFiniti and DisplayCast? AgFiniti and DisplayCast sync types Sync Type When (with DisplayCast set to ON) What Notes Initial Sync On initial AgFiniti login or after cloud is cleared Management items...
25 Apr, 2019 Views: 566
document AgFiniti Mobile Live Maps FAQ
This article will cover common questions about live maps on AgFiniti Mobile. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a Question: What operations do live maps support? What is required to view a live map in AgFiniti Mobile? How do live maps work? How do I know if I have live maps available to view from DisplayCast when in AgFiniti Mobile? Is my live map data permanently stored on my iPad? Will I have summary reports available on AgFiniti mobile based on my live map? How will my live...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 306