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document Creating/Restoring a Backup
Creating a Backup Open the project you wish to create a backup of Navigate to Services and select Backup/Restore Project(s) Select the option to Backup Project Data Now Select the project(s) you wish to back up from the list of available projects and add them over to the column on the right side. The project you are currently in will have a green circle in front of the name. Add a custom name for the backup (ex. January 2017 or Post Harvest 2016) Click OK and the backup process will start....
08 Feb, 2019 Views: 1415
document SMS Backup Issues
Problem/Issue: The user receives an error when attempting to perform a Backup. Cause: Entering a slash (/) or special characters into the custom folder name box (Error code 503) A project is checked out A project is locked open Trying to write the backup file directly to an external drive (Error 508) There is not enough space on the hard drive (Error 507 or 506) User doesn’t have rights to save/edit/create data on computer Fix: Remove the slash or special characters in the custom...
06 Mar, 2019 Views: 829
document Restore Issues
Problem/Issue: Restoring a backup of a project is not working correctly Cause: The user is not selecting the correct folder to restore from The user is trying to restore a backup that is either too old or too new for the version of SMS they have installed. The backup file(s) must be from the same version of SMS or one version older than what is currently installed on the computer Backup file being restored has issues or is corrupt User is restoring from an external drive Not enough hard drive...
17 Jun, 2016 Views: 922