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document Harvest Pre Season Checklist
When preparing your yield monitor system for harvest there are several items that need to be checked over before going to the field. Schedule time out well in advance so that replacement parts can be ordered and shipped before you have to go to the field. You may need to schedule services from your dealer or some equipment may need to be shipped to a central facility for repairs or upgrades. Ag electronics get power from the combines batteries, pay special attention to the power system on the machine...
19 Jul, 2017 Views: 6653
document Q: I traded for a different model of combine. Can I move my Ag Leader system to my new machine?
Question: I traded for a different model of combine. Can I move my Ag Leader system to my new machine? Answer: Yes. We can provide a list of required hardware and cables in most cases. Contact your local Ag Leader dealer for more details.
23 May, 2017 Views: 7375
document PF Series Instantaneous Yield Limit
The PF series displays have an Instantaneous Yield limit of 299 bushels per acre. The Average Yield value, however, will reflect the true average yield in wet bushels. 
01 Oct, 2014 Views: 3925
document YM 2000 and PF series Distribution Cable Connections
30 Jul, 2014 Views: 1948
document Num Rec Sync Error on PF Series monitors
Problem/Cause: Error on PF Series monitor that says Num Rec Sync Error. The monitor has current version firmware 6.01 installed. Solution: Create a new log file. Go to the Menu/Setup/Card. Scroll down so Log File is highlighted then press the Edit button. At the bottom of the screen press Create File. This will create a new log file and the user will be OK to operate.
27 Jul, 2016 Views: 728
document Bad End Guard Error on PF Series Monitors
Bad End Guard Error on PF Series Monitors PF series monitors on version 6.01 have been known to infrequently generate a Bad End Guard error.  If you encounter this issue, it can be resolved by cycling power to the monitor. If the error persists, have the customer save the data to the card and have the PF console sent in for a memory test. 
07 Jan, 2015 Views: 1429
document PFA and PF Pro Back Connections
This document explains the differences between the connections on the back of a PF Advantage and a PF Pro. PFA and PF PRO Connections
30 Jul, 2013 Views: 4863
document Bad ID Upon Shutdown on PF Series Monitors
Bad ID Upon Shutdown on PF Series Monitors   The Bad ID error occurs during shutting down the PF monitor, this is a known issue with version 6.01 firmware. When you encounter this, press the bottom left button to navigate through the two error messages and then the monitor will save to card and shutdown. Receiving the Bad ID or Bad Param error occasionally is caused by using an add-on GPS/21A lightbar combination; this is not a cause for sending in the display. 
21 Oct, 2013 Views: 1698
document EMS/EMU Installation Instructions
See attached file for EMS install instructions: 2005647-1 EMS Install Generic 2005647-7 EMU CAN JD 9000, 9X10, 9X50/9X60-9X70 FACTORY HOLES 2005647-2 EMS JD ALL MODELS (PRE-GREENSTAR READY) 2005647-9 EMU CX_CR_AFX Other EMU install instructions can be found within the particular combine kit install instructions, typically towards the second half. 
21 Oct, 2013 Views: 5685
document Standby Mode and Key Switch Power
Standby Mode- Setting which allows the display to remain powered on after the vehicle is power has been shut down for the purpose of maintaining GPS signal convergence for users of RTK or OmniSTAR correction sources. In standby mode, the display will appear to be shut off but the power light will change to an amber color. Pressing the touchscreen will prompt the display to illuminate immediately.  You can change the amount of time the display is in Standby mode before turning off by adjusting the...
29 Sep, 2014 Views: 1703
document Harvest Calibrations
This article discusses how harvest calibrations work on Ag leader touchscreen displays. Calibration Tracking Calibrations are tracked based on harvest products and flow sensor serial number on the display. There can only be one active calibration per harvest product on the display. Two harvest products of the same crop type can be created and calibrated separately. (Example: Corn High moisture / Corn Low Moisture) How to Calibrate Follow calibration guidelines outlined in the current Harvest...
31 Oct, 2017 Views: 877
document Maximum Memory Usage Exceeded for Variety Tracking
Maximum Memory Usage Exceeded is an error that can be received when attempting to use a planting reference map for variety tracking in Harvest. This error can be seen on InSight, Ag Leader Integra, and InCommand 1200 displays. This error message normally means that the user has a logged flier point in the planting variety map. This problem cannot be fixed directly on the display. How to Resolve InSight users will have to use manual variety tracking for the field in question. Ag Leader Integra and...
09 Oct, 2016 Views: 325