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document SureDrive FAQ
SeedCommand with SureDrive electric drives is a 12 volt system, and will directly drive supported seed meters on planters up to 36 rows. Supported seed meters will include (but not limited to) finger pick-up meters and vacuum meters. Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force control can be paired with the SureDrive system, or controlled independently (maximum of 24 rows for Individual Row Down Force). ***This information is subject to change. Please refer to your local Ag Leader Dealer or contact Ag Leader...
15 Aug, 2018 Views: 6301
document Q: What crop types are supported for Advanced Seed Tube Monitoring
Supported crop types will differ between the Integra and InCommand1200 displays. Answer: Advanced Seed Monitoring supported crop types for the InCommand1200 are: Corn Cotton Sugar Beets Cucumber Vegetable – generic vegetable crop type Sorghum Popcorn Potatoes Answer: Advanced Seed Monitoring supported crop types for the Integra are: Corn Cotton Sugar Beets Cucumber Vegetable – generic vegetable crop type Sorghum (Virtual Seed Trench page is only viewable...
12 Jun, 2018 Views: 937
document SureDrive Pre-Season Checklist
SureDrive Pre-Season Checklist Download the SureDrive Pre-Season Checklist to utilize electronically while inspecting a system. Checklist may also be printed. If using this checklist along with the Individual Row Down Force checklist, some steps within the document will overlap.
29 Jan, 2018 Views: 443
document Monitoring Gauge Wheel Load in Conjunction with Hydraulic Down Force Control
Individual Row Down Force allows the ability to monitor just gauge wheel load on some planter rows while continuing to hydraulically control the rest of the rows. An example of this may be a split row planter that is setup for down force control on just the standard rows, but also setup to just monitor gauge wheel load on split rows. Example (see screenshot below): Split rows that have gauge wheel sensors will need to be set to No for Control, and Enabled for Load Pin. (Split rows that don’t have a...
13 Nov, 2017 Views: 759
document Q: Can the generator circuit breaker be left in the ON position when not in use?
Q: Can the generator circuit breaker be left in the ON position when not in use? A: Yes. The circuit breaker can be left in the ON position when the generator is not in use. Leaving circuit breaker ON will not cause any voltage leak from the battery to the SureDrive system or alternator due to a coil disconnect in the alternator. This coil will need to be energized (connected) in order to allow the alternator to charge the battery. The coil in the alternator is energized by the Planter Control Module...
13 Apr, 2017 Views: 507
document Offset Planter Section Support
With SureDrives, the InCommand1200 has the ability to perform AutoSwath control when swath sections are independently offset. For example, if a planter’s interior rows have a greater hitch-to-application distance than the wing sections (see Figure below), the InCommand1200 will be able to accurately control all sections when entering/exiting an AutoSwath area. For scenarios like this, these offsets will need to be adjusted from the Implement Offsets screen of the Configuration Setup. Support Notes...
20 Jan, 2017 Views: 645
document Ag Leader Power/Data ISOBUS Cables – Comparison
Ag Leader offers two cable options that provides an IBBC connection for an ISOBUS implement harness. Gen2 Power/Data (4004093-X) Power/Data – Battery ECU Power (4005237-X) These cables can be used as a more affordable option vs. installing an ISOBUS Retrofit Kit. The power/data cables however come with limitations and have some differences. Gen2 Power/Data Can only be used with Ag Leader displays. Can only be used with an Ag Leader ISO implement harness. Not supported with SureDrives or...
16 Jan, 2018 Views: 1576
document SureDrive Indicator Lights
19 Dec, 2017 Views: 687
document Row Control Module Power Light Blinking Yellow
Overview When the Power Light on the Row Control Module (RCM) is blinking yellow that indicates it is upgrading firmware. If this is occurring while not actually performing a firmware upgrade, then the module may be stuck in its “upgrade mode.” (There may also be a module identifying as “Unknown” in the CAN B Device List). This may have occurred due to interrupted CAN communication or power to the RCM while trying to previously perform an upgrade. Follow the below steps to resolve. ...
15 Feb, 2017 Views: 733
document Local CANBUS Extension Cable Requirement
Overview Local CANBUS extension cables (PN: 4004876-X) from the SureDrive kit are required to be used if they are included in the kit. Content If local CANBUS extension cables are needed with the SureDrive system then the extension cable needs to be from the kit. Do not use a local CANBUS extension cable part number 4002807-X as it is used in different kits. The gauge wire is larger in the 4004876-X which is needed for the SureDrives to properly communicate with the system. PN: 4004876-X – Local...
29 Mar, 2017 Views: 458
document SureDrive Stalled – Broken Encoder
A Stalled error message from a SureDrive indicates that the SureDrive as stopped turning. This may be due to a few reasons, but a broken encoder inside of the SureDrive may be the reason. This is how to identify this failure. Issue: SureDrive will turn fast for approximately 5 seconds, then stops. A Stalled error message for that row(s) is displayed on the InCommand1200. Cycling the master switch Off then On will repeat this process. This likely indicates the encoder in the SureDrive is broken; since...
25 Aug, 2017 Views: 325
document CAN Repeater Module – Explainer
Overview A CAN Repeater Module is a component that is used in Ag Leaders ISO Hydraulic Down Force, Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force, and SureDrive systems. On these systems, the CAN Repeater is installed on the Local CANBUS. It is only installed on systems with a Local CANBUS that exceeds a certain length. The modules purpose is to “repeat” CAN messages on these longer BUS lines to ensure communication between all of the modules connected. Ag Leader will supply the CAN Repeater Module in...
08 May, 2017 Views: 574
document Q: What should my generator Battery Voltage and Alternator Voltage be?
A: Battery Voltage and Alternator Voltage are displayed in the Planter Control Master Module diagnostic screen. When the generator is running in the appropriate RPM range (3000 - 4000 RPM), the Battery Voltage and Alternator Voltage should be within the the range of 13.5 V to 15.5 V. The Alternator Voltage will always be slightly higher than the Battery Voltage. To access the Planter Control Master Module diagnostic screen press: Display/Satellite Icon > CAN > CAN B tab > highlight Planter...
29 Mar, 2017 Views: 965
document RCM Cabling - Interplant Rows vs. Standard Rows
This article covers the differences between the RCM (Row Control Module) CAN stub cabling for interplant row units and standard row units. When installing SureDrives on planters with interplant row units, users must ensure the correct RCM CAN Stub cable is installed on the RCM (Figure 2 below shows the cabling to the RCM). Standard Row CAN Stub: PN 4004994 Interplant Row CAN Stub: PN 4004995 The interplant rows must have the RCM CAN Stub cable with the red "loop" wire installed (Figure 1). ...
12 Dec, 2017 Views: 526
document Alternator Operation - Explainer
Overview The alternator in the generator kit (4101396) is the component that ensures the connected battery stays charged in order to operate the SureDrive system. It also helps supply additional power to the system when running. The alternator is operated by the hydraulic motor on the generator, which is connected to a vehicle hydraulic source. Operation The speed of the alternator is monitored by a sensor, and the recommended operating range is 3000 - 4000 RPM. When the alternator begins to turn,...
18 May, 2018 Views: 871
document Local CAN Troubleshooting
Local CAN starts with the main Control/Master module and its breakout cable (see image below). From there it connects to the rest of the secondary modules on the Local CAN. The Local CAN cables consist of 5 wires: Red (Power) Black (Ground) Green (CAN low) Yellow (CAN high) Blue (Index) Red & black are responsible for power to the modules on Local CAN; green and yellow are responsible for CAN communication; and Blue is responsible for ordering/identifying the modules. With a SureDrive...
20 Dec, 2017 Views: 1625
document What is Local CAN Communication?
Local CAN communication is used in various applications for Ag Leader products. It primarily is responsible for CAN communication between a Control/Master module, and other “secondary” modules. See the list below for the products Local CAN is used with: SureDrive and Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force: Local CANBUS between the Planter Control Module and the Row Control Modules. ISO Hydraulic Down Force: Local CANBUS between the WSM Down Force Module and the Row Unit Modules. 2-Channel Hydraulic...
19 Apr, 2017 Views: 443
document SureDrives communicating with 3rd Party ISOBUS ECUs
Ag Leader currently does not support SureDrives (and Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force) communicating on the same BUS as other 3rd party ISOBUS ECUs. Without further testing, Ag Leader cannot ensure proper communication between the InCommand1200 and the SureDrives when other 3rd party ECUs are present. SureDrives must be the only system communicating via CAN-B to the InCommand1200. Other ISOBUS ECUs must communicate on its own ISOBUS harnessing, and operated through a secondary display. Users...
29 Jun, 2017 Views: 337
document Seed Rows Feature
The Seed Rows feature was released for the InCommand1200 display in firmware version 2.5. This feature was added to meet the needs for users that plant corn for seed production and need to assign specific rows (Male, Female, or None) to a different population rate, and/or need to plant specific rows on different dates. Attached to this article are a few configuration examples for this feature. Support Notes Supported only for SureDrives. The new display unlock called “Seed Rows” will need to be...
15 Aug, 2017 Views: 497
document Q: Can SureDrives be installed on ONLY the rear (standard) rows on an Interplant (split row) planter?
Q: Can SureDrives be installed on ONLY the rear (standard) rows on an Interplant (split row) planter? A: This type of installation is not recommended. Ag Leader does not have a supported kit for this type of installation. If the installation is done, the operator will encounter complications (see below) since it is not a full planter install. If only SureDrives and RCMs are installed on the rear (standard) rows of a planter, the Interplant (split rows) will need a separate method/system to drive the...
08 Nov, 2017 Views: 362

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