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GPS, Guidance and Steering
document Vehicle Guidance Speed Limitations
Please see the attached article below for vehicle guidance speed limits by vehicle type and steering controller. Definitions: Minimum AutoSteer Speed – The minimum speed that must be maintained in order for the autosteer system to stay in autosteer mode (by vehicle profile). Note: The autosteer system may engage at lower speeds, but if stated speed is not met and maintained, after a short time, autosteer will disengage. Maximum Travel Speed – The maximum autosteer speed allowed by the...
09 Jun, 2016 Views: 7133
document Display and Guidance Platform Compatibility
This guide will help show compatibilities between Ag Leader displays and guidance platforms offered past and present. An "X" denotes the display and guidance platform are compatible.
22 Dec, 2016 Views: 3089
document Q: Can I use WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) differential with my current GPS receiver?
Question: Can I use WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) differential with my current GPS receiver? Answer: Newer Ag Leader Technology GPS receivers are all WAAS compatible. Contact our Tech Support department for more details.
28 Oct, 2013 Views: 6098
document Q: Can I use a Greenstar GPS receiver with an Ag Leader display?
Question: Can I use a Greenstar GPS receiver with an Ag Leader display? Answer: Yes, with the proper cabling, you can connect an Ag Leader display for the GreenStar receiver to input speed and position data into the Ag Leader display. Note: The following adapter cables will input to Ag Leader YM2000, PF3000, InSight, EDGE, Versa, Compass, Ag Leader® Integra, and InCommand Displays. For use with a PF Advantage or PF Pro (without built in GPS), a cable 2000986 must also be...
15 Nov, 2016 Views: 12178
document Q: I have a 3rd party guidance system. Can I use this GPS receiver with my Ag Leader display?
Question: I have a 3rd party guidance system, (e.g. Outback, Trimble, CaseIH, Deere, etc.) can I use this GPS receiver with my Ag Leader display? Answer: Yes, the guidance system's receiver can be used to provide speed and position to an Ag Leader display. The proper cabling will end in a 9 pin serial connection (RS 232) for the Ag Leader null modem cable PN 2000819. Use this cabling guide to source the proper cables per receiver.  The receiver will need to output NMEA: VTG and GGA strings...
20 Oct, 2014 Views: 7638
document Q: Why do I get a warning message saying my speed has been exceeded for a 1hz GPS receiver?
Question: Why do I get a warning message saying my speed has been exceeded for a 1hz GPS receiver? Answer: We recommend using a GPS receiver that will output greater than 1hz and a baud rate of 19200 in order to have the best performance.
28 Oct, 2013 Views: 5768
document Q: What is NMEA
  What is NMEA?           The National Marine Electronics Association is dedicated to the         education and advancement of the marine electronics industry and         the market which it serves.         It is a non-profit association composed of manufacturers,         distributors, dealers, educational institutions, and others ...
06 Jan, 2014 Views: 1847
document GPS and Guidance Pre-Season Checklist
GPS and Guidance Pre-Season Checklist for GPS 1600, 2500, OnTrac 2, OnTrac2+, GeoSteer and ParaDyme
22 Oct, 2014 Views: 1792
document North American OmniStar Coverage Map
06 May, 2014 Views: 5287
document Troubleshooting GPS
See attached document for troubleshooting tips on various models of Ag Leader GPS systems.
06 Jan, 2014 Views: 5582
document Track on Track Method for Determining GPS and Implement Offsets
This article will discuss a procedure to ensure correct GPS and Implement offset measurements. Some symptoms of an incorrect setting would include excessive guess rows and machine guidance being inches off on a pass in one direction while leading fine in the other direction’s pass. Also, check out the attachment section for a brief exercise on implement offsets.  Entering a Correct GPS Offset Even if the GPS receiver is mounted directly in the center of the tractor’s roof, this step is needed to...
19 Mar, 2014 Views: 4051
document Nudge
17 Oct, 2013 Views: 3252
document Ag Leader GPS Antenna Identifier/Picture Guide
GPS Antenna Photos
03 Feb, 2014 Views: 1971
document Q: Can I make a guidance vehicle icon such as a combine or front boom sprayer?
Question: Can I have a vehicle icon that better represents my combine or front boom sprayer guidance configuration? Answer: Yes. Under the Guidance Configuration Settings menu, specify the distance from antenna value and set the location as In Front of the antenna.  1.) Press the wrench by the guidance configuration: 2.) Assign the Distance from Antenna and location value to in front of the antenna: 3.) The vehicle icon will now appear as such: 
29 Apr, 2014 Views: 1194
document Q: Which lightbar is compatible with my display?
Question: Which guidance lightbar is compatible with my Ag Leader display? Answer: The current lightbar offering sold by Ag Leader is the L160 CAN A lightbar. It is compatible with the Ag Leader® InCommand 1200 and 800, Integra, Versa, Compass and EDGE displays. The AgGPS 21A lightbar is no longer sold by Ag Leader but is compatible with the InSight display and PF series consoles when used in conjunction with an Ag Leader add-on GPS, such as the 3050, 3100 and 4100 model receivers.
16 Nov, 2016 Views: 928
document Q: Which internet browser is optimal for use with CBS?
Question: Which internet browser is optimal for use with Central Business System? Answer: Technical Support has found that while Internet Explorer is the officially supported browser for CBS, other popular browsers with the IE tab add-on are typically more robust.  The Google Chrome IE Tab is a free application available here: The Mozilla Firefox IE Tab is a free application available for...
26 Aug, 2014 Views: 612
document Tramlines for Ag Leader(R) Integra, Versa and Compass Displays
Tramlines Tramlines are defined as the planted or unplanted parallel paths through the field for the purpose of controlled traffic. This aids to minimize compaction, reduce product application overlapping and can be incorporated using machine guidance.  Introduced for Ag Leader® Integra/Versa firmware version 4.0, tramline support allows the user to receive both visible and audible warning when a tramline is approaching.  This is used as a queue to manually shut sections off to create...
16 Sep, 2014 Views: 1494
document Fendt 7xx/8xx/9xx COM 3 VarioGuide Remote Engage Button Functionality
On the Fendt 7xx/8xx/9xx COM 3 VarioGuide tractors, the white remote engage button on the console will not work with 3rd party guidance systems.  For remote engage on these tractors, use the 4100163 Remote Engage Foot Pedal and the 201-0563-01 Cable - Remote Engage, CAN GCU (GeoSteer)  Dieselholicpullteam. "Dieselholicpullteam's Image." Photobucket. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2014....
17 Oct, 2014 Views: 988
document Q: The Trimble receiver will only output speed at 1Hz, what can be done?
Question: The Trimble receiver I am using for speed and position will only broadcast speed at a 1Hz rate. What can be done?  Answer: Connect the Trimble receiver to the computer's serial port and open AgRemote. Follow these directions: 
23 Oct, 2014 Views: 892
document What is GLIDE?
GLIDE is a positioning algorithm that provides superior pass to pass accuracy (over 15 minute durations) in environments where a differential signal is not available. GLIDE works globally, independent of correction signals such as WAAS or EGNOS, so it provides a stable signal for customers in Eastern Europe, Australia and South America.  Additionally, GLIDE is focused on providing excellent service in areas of high ionospheric disturbance.  On the scale of correction source accuracy, GLIDE is...
10 Nov, 2014 Views: 1277

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