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news Trending Support Topics - July 8
08 Jul, 2019
We're gonna miss you - but we'll be back for harvest! As application and early summer calls and emails decrease, we'll bid you farewell for now, but harvest will be here before we know it, and we'll be back with more tips and tricks! Until then, check out this weeks trending support topics here. This Week's Top 5 1. Customers having troubling reading their data into SMS? Make sure they are running the most current version, available to download here. 2. Flow meter cal numbers - yes, again. ...
news Trending Support Topics - July 1
01 Jul, 2019
Help your customers stay independent this week by equipping them with knowledge! When customers contact you to say their machine is having problems with boom valves that won't open, a flow meter that has stopped counting product flow, or a control valve that won't open, review these resources! Heads Up On July 10th between 12 pm - 7 pm, we have system maintenance scheduled that will prevent us from processing repairs and repair requests. TSB-003082 has been updated, extending the upgrade offer...

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document AgFiniti® Cloud Features
Map View View maps from all fields and operations synced to AgFiniti® Cloud. You can customize individual legends and stats to view the data in the format you want. Use Map View to query data in areas of interest, add notes (with pictures) to areas of your field as you scout, and track your location. Soil Surveys Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti that have a boundary or logged data. It will also run a check every month to...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 134
document AgFiniti Mobile Live Maps FAQ
This article will cover common questions about live maps on AgFiniti Mobile. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a Question: What operations do live maps support? What is required to view a live map in AgFiniti Mobile? How do live maps work? How do I know if I have live maps available to view from DisplayCast when in AgFiniti Mobile? Is my live map data permanently stored on my iPad? Will I have summary reports available on AgFiniti mobile based on my live map? How will my live...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 354
document AgFiniti - Soil Surveys
Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti. To get a soil survey map the field must either contain logged data or a boundary file greater than 5 acres and less than 4000 acres. These soil surveys will be brought in even if you have imported a survey from SMS; however, it will not overwrite you SMS created soil survey. AgFiniti will also run a check every month to update each soil survey with any new data.
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 43