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news Trending Support Topics - May 20
20 May, 2019
Pop quiz. Which of these statements have you recently heard? Please stop raining! Please rain soon! We finally have crops coming up. We haven't even planted our crops yet. If you picked more than one of the above answers, you're officially experiencing "Spring 2019". Ace your next support call by checking out this week's trending support topics. This Week's Top 5 1. Planting continues, so check out these SureForce® FAQs As your customers continue planting, check out this FAQ that covers...
news Trending Support Topics - May 13
13 May, 2019
For all of you working to fit more than 24 hours into the day, keep up the good work, your dedication to our farmer's success doesn't go unnoticed. Shave some time off your next support call with this weeks trending topics. This Week's Top 5 1. DisplayCast® Best Practices Review initial DisplayCast setup steps to get new customers started on the right foot. If your customer used DisplayCast last season, this checklist for good data management can improve their experience this season. And some extra...

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document Guidance and Steering Firmware
Firmware and upgrade instructions for guidance and steering systems. Please read the instructions carefully before you attempt an upgrade. Jump to a section below: ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) ParaDyme GeoSteer SA Module - Wheeled EZ-Steer EZ-Guide controllers EZ-Guide 500 / EZ-Guide 250 EZ-Guide Plus EZ-Guide CBS Remote Access Firmware ECU-S1 (OnTrac3 / SteerCommand) Version Download Link Release Date Release Notes 4.6.34288 ...
22 May, 2019 Views: 45682
document Connecting a Serial, CF, SD, or Internal GPS unit to SMS Mobile PC
If you are using a serial, CF, SD, or internal GPS unit the auto detection of your GPS that SMS Mobile tries may not actually find your GPS receiver. Follow these general steps if you are using one of these types of receivers and you are having trouble connecting: Serial/CF/SD GPS receivers On your Windows Mobile device select the Start menu Select Settings and the System tab Now select the GPS icon On the Programs tab make sure that the port is set to GPD1 On the Access tab If the...
18 May, 2019 Views: 18
document Background Imagery in SMS Mobile PC
Users may want to add background imagery to provide a more visual aspect to the data being mapped. To add background imagery for a field, there must be set field boundaries within SMS Mobile PC. Go to Setup - Batch Select Download internet imagery for ALL fields to add backgrounds to your maps. Imagery will now be added to your map backgrounds. The same process can be used to clear backgrounds by selecting the Clear ALL downloaded internet imagery.
18 May, 2019 Views: 16