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news Trending Support Topics - June 24
24 Jun, 2019
Operational Troubleshooting - the good, the bad and the resourceful. Customers calling you to explain how their AutoSwath™ is shutting off boom sections too soon, or possibly seeing error messages at the top of their display? Don't miss your chance to help customers solve their in-field application problems by checking out this week's top trends. Heads Up Reminder that in SIX days, AT&T will stop activating new 3G devices as they prepare to shut down their 3G networks. Inactive devices must be...
news Trending Support Topics - June 17
17 Jun, 2019
Summer is here this week, ready or not! In much of the country the planting season has been prolonged due to excess moisture. As applicators are heading to the field, the Customer Support team wants to make sure they are ready to go and applying product accurately to prevent any further costly down time. This week we're going back to basics and focusing on DirectCommand® ISOBUS Liquid Setup. This Week's Top 5 1. Configure a system & setup a profile Check out this tutorial for a refresher...

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document AgFiniti® Cloud Features
Map View View maps from all fields and operations synced to AgFiniti® Cloud. You can customize individual legends and stats to view the data in the format you want. Use Map View to query data in areas of interest, add notes (with pictures) to areas of your field as you scout, and track your location. Soil Surveys Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti that have a boundary or logged data. It will also run a check every month to...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 99
document AgFiniti Mobile Live Maps FAQ
This article will cover common questions about live maps on AgFiniti Mobile. This document will continuously be updated. Jump to a Question: What operations do live maps support? What is required to view a live map in AgFiniti Mobile? How do live maps work? How do I know if I have live maps available to view from DisplayCast when in AgFiniti Mobile? Is my live map data permanently stored on my iPad? Will I have summary reports available on AgFiniti mobile based on my live map? How will my live...
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 306
document AgFiniti - Soil Surveys
Users with an essentials license will have soil survey data automatically downloaded for fields in AgFiniti. To get a soil survey map the field must either contain logged data or a boundary file greater than 5 acres and less than 4000 acres. These soil surveys will be brought in even if you have imported a survey from SMS; however, it will not overwrite you SMS created soil survey. AgFiniti will also run a check every month to update each soil survey with any new data.
26 Jun, 2019 Views: 0