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news Updates to the Ag Leader Knowledgebase
15 Aug, 2016
One goal of the KB redesign project is to bring all Ag Leader official documentation together into a single category. This recent update continues our progress in taking the products listed in the PRODUCT MANUALS folder and redesigning those pages. We will continue to move official documentation for the remaining productsSeedCommand, DirectCommand, ISOBUS, etc.from PRODUCT SUPPORT INFO to the new Manuals / Guides / Schematics folder. Please note that as we reorganize some of your saved bookmarks and...

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document Setting up NMEA Out on ParaDyme/GeoSteer/GPS 2500 for use with NTRIP RTK on InCommand
Follow the steps below to properly configure NMEA out on ParaDyme, GeoSteer and 2500 in order to use NTRIP on the InCommand GPS 2500 From Home Screen, select Wrench – GPS/Guidance Setup - set differential source to RTK External Select Wrench and set baud to 38400 for proper function Paradyme/GeoSteer From Home Screen, select Wrench – GPS/Guidance Setup Select Wrench next to ParaDyme/GeoSteer Select GPS Tab Select Precision Settings ...
16 Mar, 2018 Views: 40
document Deutsch | Deutschland (Germany)
Die dokumente wurden unter der englischen version übersetzt. Bedienungsanleitungen / Kurzreferenzen Title Description Part Number Revision InCommand Bedienungsanleitung (21 MB) 2006395-DEU Rev I InCommand Kurzreferenz (6 MB) 4004700-DEU Rev I Ag Leader Integra Bedienungsanleitung (10 MB) 4002083-DEU Rev N Ag Leader Integra / Versa Kurzreferenz (1 MB) 2005979-DEU Rev H Versa Bedienungsanleitung (8...
16 Mar, 2018 Views: 564
document John Deere Master Overview
John Deere Master Overview Displays: Original GreenStar (Brown Box) GreenStar 2 – 1800 GreenStar 2 – 2600 GreenStar 3 – 2630 Gen 4 - 4600/4630 Universal Display - 4640 Original GreenStar: File Types: .gsd and .gsy File Path: X:\pfdata\ GreenStar 2 - 1800: File Types: The global.ver file is used as a reference for navigating through the folder structure to the actual files containing the spatial information. File Path: X:\RCD\ GreenStar...
15 Mar, 2018 Views: 1899