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15 Aug, 2016
One goal of the KB redesign project is to bring all Ag Leader official documentation together into a single category. This recent update continues our progress in taking the products listed in the PRODUCT MANUALS folder and redesigning those pages. We will continue to move official documentation for the remaining productsSeedCommand, DirectCommand, ISOBUS, etc.from PRODUCT SUPPORT INFO to the new Manuals / Guides / Schematics folder. Please note that as we reorganize some of your saved bookmarks and...

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document Feature Differences between PMM and STMM
PMM With the Planter Population Module (CAN A) you can expect: Population bar graph Seed spacing Row by row scan SDS - the speed of the planter drive shafts in RPM Tank Weight – weight of seeds in each tank (if applicable) Tank Area Left – displays number of acres that can be planted with tank seed level EdgeVac Level – a measure of seed meter vacuum, in inches, per vacuum fan. Air Seed Delivery Tank Pressure Magnetic pickup for ground speed (if applicable) Pneumatic Down Pressure –...
16 Jul, 2018 Views: 2691
document Booklet Printing
Booklet Printing What can it do? Create a personalized booklet with Reports, Graphs, Maps, Charts, and Analysis Results that have already been created or saved into your Management Tree. How many fields can it be run on? Booklet printing can be run on a single field or multiple fields Can I move my booklet layout to another project? Yes, booklet layouts can be transferred by going to Services>Transfer Utilities>Export Settings and Files How do I get Booklet Printing for SMS? ...
13 Jul, 2018 Views: 21
document SureDrive FAQ
SeedCommand with SureDrive electric drives is a 12 volt system, and will directly drive supported seed meters on planters up to 36 rows. Supported seed meters will include (but not limited to) finger pick-up meters and vacuum meters. Individual Row Hydraulic Down Force control can be paired with the SureDrive system, or controlled independently (maximum of 24 rows for Individual Row Down Force). ***This information is subject to change. Please refer to your local Ag Leader Dealer or contact Ag Leader...
11 Jul, 2018 Views: 4182