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news Change to the Ag Leader Knowledgebase
20 Oct, 2015
One goal of the KB redesign project is to bring all Ag Leader official documentation together into a single category. This recent update was the first step by taking just the products listed in the PRODUCT MANUALS folder and redesigning those pages. Next we will move official documentation for the remaining productsSeedCommand, DirectCommand, Harvest, AgFiniti, ISOBUS, etc.from PRODUCT SUPPORT INFO to the new Manuals / Guides / Schematics folder. Please note that as we reorganize some of your saved...

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document Pricing and Installation Requirements
General Guidelines SMS Software will install with a free trial period of 21 days except for the Water Management Module (no trial period available). The customer can access the 21 day free trial on both SMS Basic and SMS Advanced for each upgrade version of the software. There is no way to extend the free trial. 1) SMS Basic and Advanced (purchase $750/$1995 / maintenance fee $180/yr / $495/yr) · Each license allows a person to unlock SMS...
22 Jul, 2016 Views: 106
document Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass (post-version 3.0)
Ag Leader Integra/Versa/Compass (Firmware post-v3.x) File Types: - .agdata: logged data - .agsetup: boundaries, guidance lines, prescriptions, variety tracking, Grower/Farm/Field names - .ibk2: Integra/Versa/Compass display backup (cannot be imported into SMS) *.agdata: Created by the Ag Leader Integra, Versa, and Compass. Contains recorded data from the display. (I.e. Planting, Spraying, Grain Harvest, Fertilizing, Surveying, Installed Tile,...
22 Jul, 2016 Views: 72
document SteerCommand
The SteerCommand controller features 9 axis terrain compensation by having 3 sensors sensing each axis - one each for yaw, pitch and roll, familiar AutoSteer user interface and calibration routines and a familiar installation procedure. SteerCommand requires the use of an Ag Leader branded GPS 6500 and an Ag Leader® Integra, Versa or Compass display. SteerCommand is not compatible with the GPS 6000 receiver, nor is it compatible with any other third party receiver. Initial Release...
22 Jul, 2016 Views: 6012